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1983, START UP

In my high school days, when I was struggling with a teacher, trying to convince him of an important project of mine, which was imperfect in his eyes, I remember wondering how it could be possible to reach an ambitious goal without knowing what I wanted to achieve. You discover your creativity and talent only through experience. You have to gain them, love them, even hate them, without ever forgetting to train them, with energy, passion, and enthusiasm. Always! Curiosity is the first requisite for learning, growing and improving. You shouldn’t look for approval but rather for criticisms, always asking yourself what is wrong, what can be improved and possibly how it can be done. This is indeed an important vocation!

Marcello Boccaccini a.k.a. Marcel Gave: 63 years old, craftsman of ideas.
Art director, information designer, web designer and Android and iOS developer.
He graduates in Industrial Informatics in 1976 and begins his engineering studies without completing them because later disappointed by this choice. He decides to commit himself to visual arts which are prevailing at that time.
He starts to use the color "on" and "in" the most arduous mathematical formulas, such as the logarithmic and trigonometric formulas, and the integrals, including the Laplace transform. His curiosity and openness to debate and challenge urge him to submit his studies to a US research institute with which he will stay in contact for several years even though without getting any recognition. He attends several specialized courses at the Academy of Fine Arts in Macerata and subsequently comes into contact with the artistic environment in Urbino where he privately attends specialized courses at the upper Institute for Artistic Industries combining them with the research studies he will never abandon. He begins his artistic production of serigraphs, lithographs and etchings and gets acquainted with all the printing techniques that will later be valuable for his professional activity. He participates in several editions of the " Salvi Prize" winning numerous awards and receiving special commendations for research and experimentation. He commits himself to perceptual multistability and starts a thorough study on the production of opticals applying them to Gestaltism and the Psychology of Form with the support of trigonometric formulas. The studies carried out and the experimental results lead him to file his first patent in 1982, after which he will present various projects for the industrialization of transferable patterns and projects for new fonts. Thanks to his experience in 1983 he begins his professional career as illustrator, working on several books of poetry and fiction. With the advent of the Macintosh, he becomes quality manager for a large screen printing company. In 1984, after practising for years as an illustrator, he becomes art director at several advertising agencies in central Italy. Later he begins to study the Dynamics of Movement and specializes in some electronic animation techniques carrying out researches on video installation. The experience he gains over the years, the passion towards new forms of communication and his encounter with Valerio Lazarov, eventually allow him to start working as videographic for the production of logos and television themes in 1986. In 1997 he teaches Advanced Communication Technologies for the so-called "third area" (vocational training courses) at upper Institutes for graphics and communication in Milan. In 1998 he begins to dedicate himself to the new web technologies and the interactive multimedia as web designer and information designer. He also deals with layout stability in the web browser. He specializes in vector animations for the web using Adobe Flash programming with Action Script language. In 2003 he works on graphics and aesthetics for the MHP interactive applications for digital cable television.
His specialization is in designing brands and logos, corporate and web identities with Open Source license, game and software interfaces, video tutorials, and productive processes for HTML5 as well. He designs for printing, he manages and controls the production phase to meet specific demands, from the poster to the brochure, from the catalogue to the leaflet, from the small display to the pop-up for trade fairs, from the company forms to the business card, from the menu to the flyer, from the invitations to the promotional roll-up banner. He owns several patents and internet domains; he is currently dedicated to the research of new communication forms for entertainment. In the past few years the passion for his "vocation" has pushed him to take up a new professional adventure, that of mobile application developer with Adobe Air platform. Although Digital Art in Italy has not been given due consideration yet, Marcel Gave considers himself a self-taught digital artist who for years has devoted himself to the creation of digital effects. He manipulates photographs and images to create portraits, furniture design and architectural elements, art digitization of brands and products, all reproduced on large formats. The know-how he acquired over years of experience and the performances provided by software and hardware platforms enable him to reach surprising results.